Fairfield Round Copper Dining Table

42'' Round
48'' Round
54'' Round
60'' Round
72'' Round
Custom Size

Your table size falls out of the standard table dimensions, let's get you a custom quote with one of our designers...Click Here.

Black on Poplar Wood
Natural White Oak
Natural Black Walnut
Dining Height (30")
Counter Height (36")
Bar Height (42")
1.5" Standard

About Our Copper Patina Finish:

Our copper patina is a hand applied application that results in a beautifual mottled and distressed aged patterns that are reminescent of naturally aging copper. Please note, no two finishes are ever alike. Expect a variance in tone and character from what is displayed in the finish samples on this page. The color tone will reassembled an aged penny. We seal our tops with a durable clear coat that with proper care, requires no maintainince and will last a lifetime. For care instructions, see below. 

  • Product care guide
  • All copper tops are available in custom sizes, thickness, and shapes
  • A seam down the middle is required on all round copper tops over 48" in diameter
  • Handcrafted in Rhode Island using superior craftsmanship
  • Real pure copper sheet laminated over a plywood substrate core
  • Artisan copper patina applied and sealed to protect against ring marks and staining
  • All corners are soldered to a softened 90 degree to ensure not sharp edges
  • Standard thickness is 1.5”, custom thickness is available.
  • Standard edge profile is eased, custom cut outs and edging available. 
  • Contact our design team to request a custom estimate today.
  • Finish sample available here.

Simply clean with non-abrasive sponge or cloth using a mild detergent like dishsoap. Use a trivet whenever placing something too hot to hold onto the surface. Avoid abrasive, harsh chemicals, and oil based cleaners. A flower vase, any plants, or anything with sitting liquids  should have a trivet place underneath to avoid excessive moisure on the surface. Spills should be wiped off in a reasonable about of time (like after your meal) and not neglected, especially if they are acidic. 

  • Made in USA using high quality authentically pure materials and real hardwood.
  • From our Rhode Island factory to your door step, allowing for fair and competitive prices. 
  • Hand crafted to order, allowing for limitless customization so you receive exactly what you need and want. 
  • One-on-One free design advice from an actual person.
  • Design driven and quality focused - We want you to have nothing but the best!
  • Unlimited furniture delivery*- restrictions may apply.