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Custom Zinc Bar + Countertop
  • -Submit your drawing or overall dimensions to our design team.
  • -We carefully review your scope of work and provide an estimate within 2 business days.
  • -Upon estimate approval, an invoice in the amount of 50% of the total is emailed.
  • -Once the balance is paid, the order enters our production queue.
  • -Upon completion, photos are sent for client approval and invoice balance is sent.
  • -The approved and paid project is then carefully packaged and shipped or delivered.
  • -We use pure zinc sheet metal, not galvanized. Only the best at .040" thick (18 gauge).
  • -Our substrate material for bar tops and counter top is a mositure resistant MDF.
  • -The pure zinc sheet is cut to size and laminated over the MDF using an industrial grade structural adhesive.
  • -Any seams are butt-joined together for a tight fit .
  • -All finished sides are bent to a eased edge with a bottom hem.
  • -Corners are soldered with lead free solder and ground down to a softened 90 degree.
  • -The surface is prepped and cleaned for finishing.
  • -Final selected finish is applied.
  • -Installation is offered to locations in RI, MA, CT, NH, Lower ME, NY, NJ, & PA areas .
  • -If you live outside the above areas, the order will ship via common carrier. Refer to our shipping policies here.
  • -We carefully package using high quality packing materials and strap large counters to pallets.
  • -Instructions to assemble countertop parts are provided.
  • -Wood screws and a power drill is required for assembly and installation.
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