Zinc Patina Sample


Dimensions: 4"W 6"H

Our classic zinc patina is finishes used a proprietary acid wash to the zinc to bring about an aged and weathered appearance. The intended look is mottled with highs and lows of medium to light grey. This finish is artisically done in an unique way that no two tops will ever be alike. Except waves of water patterns and mottling. Colors expected are light to a pewter-like grey.

The sealer applied is an matte sheen and is intended to prevent ring marks and staining. See our care guide below for more details.  



Natural zinc is a highly regarded reactive metal that develops a patina over time. Pattern and color tone will continue to change as it oxidizes. At Kingston Krafts, we accelerate the aging process by applying an acid wash finish to zinc sheets to tarnish the metal, creating an aged and worn look as part of the overall aesthetic.

Blotchiness, watermarks, and drip marks are a result of the acid wash finish and a part of the zinc patina. These marks are intentional and not considered a blemish. The idea is to make it look like the top was outside and weathered from rain and humidity... truly weathered. A clear coat is applied to seal in the aged finish to prevent unwanted ring marks and staining.


Use only a soft non-abrasive cloth dampened with clean water, and mild detergent, like liquid dish soap. Spills resulted from wine, beer, alcohol, vinegar, and other acidic liquids and foods should be wiped up immediately. The clear coat provides some protection from spills, however to prevent spotting, clean immediately.

DO NOT use bleach, vinegar, ammonia, or any chemical or oil based cleaners, as we cannot guarantee what reactions might occur.

Zinc is a live metal and may react to its environment overtime. Do not be alarmed if you see new patina patterns appear. They are to be expected and celebrated.

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