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Due to the high demand of our products, our current production time to ship is 8-12 weeks. We are not accepting rush orders at this time. But we promise...our stuff is worth the wait!

Custom Zinc Countertops


Kingston Krafts fabricates custom zinc countertops using real 99.9% pure zinc sheet metal that is adhered to a cabinet grade plywood core using an industrial grade adhesive. Our plywood is FSC certified, free of formaldehyde glues, sustainably sourced and light weight.  

Design & Technique

All corners are soldered with lead-free solder. The sides are bent to form an eased edge. We are able to make sink, faucet, cooktop cutouts or the alike.  Zinc backsplashes can be incorporated to your zinc countertop as well. We can form just about any layout. Zinc countertops in a “U” or “L” shaped are generally joined with a butt-jointed seam.  Decorative rivets can be added to the sides or anywhere throughout the zinc tops for a detailed added touch.


We offer our classic zinc patina finish with our zinc countertops. The patina we create in our workshop is intended to mimic the natural aging effect of zinc. You can expect a mottled and weathered zinc patina that you can enjoy immediately instead of waiting decades to develop.

Clear Coated Finish Option

We can apply a clear protective coating to your zinc countertop at your request. We use a proprietary sealant that is designed for metal patina finishes. The sheen level is matte. The sealant does not need to be reapplied and has been tested for 17 years as an outdoor application. So inside, it is sure to last a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about ring marks and staining. However, the patterns and characteristics in the patina may continue to develop overtime…That is the beauty of zinc! Care for this option is easy, just use a mild detergent and water. Household cleaner sprays can also be used so long as they are eco-friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Unsealed Finish Option

Zinc is a reactive metal and when not sealed it is very much a living finish. It will react to anything as simple as a glass of water. The markings and characteristics that develop from use are considered to many as unique and authentic. Original zinc tops from France have such characteristics and can really tell a story of time and history. Zinc has natural antibacterial properties and when unsealed you can enjoy this benefit. An unsealed zinc countertop should be cleaned only with soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals as they will likely react to the zinc. If you want a true living finish to continue develop and tell your story throughout the years, an unsealed zinc countertop is recommended.

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