What makes zinc so special?

We use 99.9% zinc sheet metal. The purest zinc sheet metal you can find. Zinc is a beautiful metal that continues to only get better with age. It does not rust, making it ideal for exterior environments. It also has antibacterial properties that makes it a great option for table top, bar top and counter top use. Zinc patina surfaces have a timeless look and transitions well from rustic to modern decor.

What are the heights of your tables?

Our standard height is 30 inches. However, because these tables are made to order, the height is customizable. For example, coffee table height, console table height, counter height and bar height tables are options. Additional fees may apply for customization.

Is the zinc clear coated?

Yes, a very durable urethane is applied to seal in our signature zinc patina finishes. The urethane protects the zinc from unwanted rings marks, staining and similar occurrences. The urethane is maintenance free and does not need to be re-applied. You will not have to worry about ring marks. The sheen level is matte.

Can I have the base stained or painted in a different color than what is shown?

Yes, we work with our customers to create a finish that complements your space. Custom paint and stain colors are available.


Is your reclaimed wood authentic?

Yes, our reclaimed wood comes from barns over 100 years old that are located primary in the the midwest. This wood has naturally weathered for over a century and is truly a piece of Americana history.

Do you offer other sizes besides what is listed?

Yes, we can make most of our items in any size you like. Additional fees may apply.

Can you make your zinc tables or zinc tops in a square, round, oval, or other custom shape?

Yes, we can fabricate a zinc top or wood top in any shape or size. Please contact us with the size and shape you would like and we will provide a quote.

How do you care for the zinc top?

It should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth, mild detergent (like dish soap) and water. Do not use abrasive materials to clean. Do not place hot plates, pans or the alike directly on the surface. Do not clean with bleach, vinegar, or any other solutions with harsh chemicals. Vinegar, wine, and other acidic foods and liquids may strip the zinc patina. These types of spills should immediately be cleaned with water and a mild detergent (dish soap).

Does the zinc continue to age?

Yes, zinc will continue to oxidize slowly over time. This oxidation will change the patina pattern and color tone from varying shades of gray and adding to the beauty of the zinc.

Do all zinc top tables require a seam?

Zinc sheets come in a max width of 44″. This is the widest width available in the world. We need material to lay on the substrate and to account for the thickness and wrap underneath the substrate. See below for the max widths available without a seam.

Top Thickness Max width without seam
3/4" 47"
1.5" 45.5"
1.75" 46"
2" 44.5"

For round zinc tops, the max diameter without a seam is 48″.

A seam can easily become a unique design by adding rivets along the seam and/or creating a seamed pattern.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time depends on the item you are ordering. But is generally 4-6 weeks for tops, 6-8 weeks for tables, 8-10 weeks for bar top and counter tops. Rush orders may be available for an additional cost.

Can I pick up my item instead of shipping?

Yes, our workshop is located in Cranston, RI just 55 minutes south of Boston. We love visitors!